striplog.position module#

Defines positions, eg for top and base of an interval.


2015 Agile Geoscience


Apache 2.0

class striplog.position.Meta(meta)#

Bases: object

Used for metadata.

class striplog.position.Position(middle=None, upper=None, lower=None, x=None, y=None, units='m', meta=None)#

Bases: object

Used to represent a position: a top or base.

Not sure whether to go with upper-middle-lower or z_max, z_mid, z_min. Sticking to upper and lower, because ordering in Intervals is already based on ‘above’ and ‘below’.


Inverts upper and lower in place.

property span#

Property. A tuple of lower, upper. Provided for convenience.

property uncertainty#

Property. The range of the upper and lower bounds.

property z#

Property. Guaranteed to give the ‘middle’ depth, either as defined, or the average of the upper and lower bounds.

exception striplog.position.PositionError#

Bases: Exception

Generic error class.