Welly: Splash About in Well Data#

welly facilitates the loading, processing, and analysis of subsurface wells and well data, such as striplogs, formation tops, well log curves, and synthetic seismograms.

welly runs on Python 3.6+ and builds on various other libraries, including pandas and matplotlib. It is licensed under a business-friendly Apache 2.0 license. Please consider supporting this open project!

Quick start#

To install welly, simply:

pip install welly

To load some wells from LAS files:

import welly
project = welly.read_las("path/to/well_*.las")

The project is a collection of well objects, each of which contains well logs. Plot the gamma-ray like:

gr = project[0].data['GR']

Carry on exploring with the user guide below.

User guide#

API reference#

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