Source code for bruges.filters.kernels

2D kernels for image processing.

:copyright: 2015 Agile Geoscience
:license: Apache 2.0
import numpy as np

[docs]def gaussian(size, size_y=None): """ 2D Gaussian Kernel Args: size (int): the kernel size, e.g. 5 for 5x5 (in a 2D arr). Should be odd, rounded up if not. size_y (int): similar to size. If not provided, uses size as default. Returns: a Gaussian kernel. """ size = int(size) if not size_y: size_y = size else: size_y = int(size_y) x, y = np.mgrid[-size:size+1, -size_y:size_y+1] g = np.exp(-(x**2/float(size)+y**2/float(size_y))) return g / g.sum()
gaussian_kernel = gaussian