0.1.5 — 18 May 2022#

  • Improved the appearance of feedback messages, and added emojis.

  • Improved the rendering of info and exercise boxes in notebooks.

  • Implemented various CI and development updates.

0.1.4 — 24 Feb 2022#

  • Added more parameters to .kosu.yaml so you can change which folders assets are both kept in and copied to in the build.

  • Added a missing file preventing new projects from being initialized with init.

  • Added a check that the directory is empty before proceeding with init.

  • Improved the documentation.

0.1.3 — 14 Feb 2022#

  • Documentation synced with software.

  • Removed Boto3 as dependency (was breaking CI anyway).

  • Added support for older versions of Python.

0.1.2 — Feb 2022#

  • Added color to the terminal messages, fixing #7. Thank you to @Arunodhai for this enhancement.

0.1.1 — 31 Jan 2022#

  • More tests, and demo project now builds.

0.1.0 — 31 Jan 2022#

  • Initial release

Origin story#

kosu was built around a Jupyter Notebook processing script we made in about 2015 to support Agile’s Python classes. Our hands-on process got out of hand as we added more courses and variants to our portfolio. We started this tool in November 2021 and released it in January 2022; it represents an attempt to make the courses easier to define and manage.