:raised_hands: Thank you for considering contributing to the gio project!#

There are several important ways you can help; here are some examples:

  • Submitting bug reports and feature requests: see Issues.

  • Proposing code for bug fixes and new features, then making a pull request.

  • Contributing data files to test against. See below.

  • Fixing typos and generally improving the documentation.

  • Writing tutorials, examples, and how-to documents.

Contributing data files#

This is a data-driven project and data files are always helpful, especially if they differ substantially from examples we already have.

Please ensure that data is open access and provide a licence file with it. please also make them as small as possible, preferably well under 1MB.

Code of conduct#

We’re fortunate to be part of a large professional community that conducts itself with mutual respect and consideration for others. Agile’s Code of Conduct is part of protecting these features for everyone, everywhere. Please read it.


If you contribute a pull request to the project and you wish to be identified as an author, please add yourself to


By making a contribution, you agree that it shall be governed by the terms of the license unless another, specific agreement is made with Agile.