Agile* was a small subsurface consulting team.
It closed in September 2022. It was fun while it lasted!

πŸ’‘ Visit our website.

Project documentation#

Check out the documentation to our major projects:

  • welly β€” borehole and well loading and manipulation.

  • striplog β€” manage and analyse 1D intervals and sequences.

  • bruges β€” our geophysical toolbox: wavelets, reflectivity algos, that sort of thing.

Check out some of our other projects; these are works in progress (contributions welcome!):

  • gio β€” input/output for subsurface surfaces (grids, horizons, etc).

  • kosu β€” manage programming class material.

  • redflag β€” early warning system for machine learning data.

  • ricky β€” seismic wavelets as xarrays.

  • seisplot β€” traditional plots of seismic with or without coffee stains.

What else?

ε½’ You might also like our kata, or coding challenges. This notebook will help you get started.

πŸ€– If you’re interested in machine learning, check out our various apps and demos at geosci.ai.